The Volstead House

Some nights you drink tea,
some nights you drink whiskey.
- Atticus

Our Story

The name “Volstead” will forever be associated with an experiment that failed: the National Prohibition Act of 1920, or better known as the 18th Amendment. It was designed to improve health and cut crime but failed miserably. Andrew Volstead, a Granite Falls native authored much of the legislation to enforce Prohibition, known as the Volstead Act.

Our Cocktails are classics from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. In the beginning, everything was simple. People used what they could find, adding new ingredients or processes as they became available. More and more people begin to work with this new trend, everyone adding their own twist or adaptation.

The original product begins to get more and more complex as competitors try to outdo each other with the most extreme versions they can find. The product becomes so complex that the people buying the product yearn for something simpler. Food and drink are not immune to this arc. We want to start a movement back to the basics, restoring these classic drinks of the past!

The Volstead House is a 21+ establishment


  • Sunday 3pm-9pm
  • Monday 3pm-10pm
  • Tuesday 3pm-10pm
  • Wednesday 3pm-10pm
  • Thursday 3pm-11pm
  • Friday 3pm-Midnight
  • Saturday 3pm-Midnight

Contact Us

  • (651) 340-7175
  • 1278 LONE OAK RD
    ST PAUL, MN 55121
    Enter through the red door
    inside Burgers and Bottles